Tuesday, 21 January 2014


"After a lapse of a couple of years,  and through the exertions of an energetic Committee,  this popular aquatic holiday has been this year revived, and was held Monday, when, notwithstanding the unpropitious state of the elements,  the programme was, as far as practicable carried to a most successful issue.   On Sunday and indeed up to yesterday morning,  it seemed likely that there would be no probability of holding the Regatta, for throughout Sunday there was a very heavy south-westerly gale blowing,  the sea washing over the Esplanade,  throwing up tons of shingle more than twenty yards beyond the charming sea walk,  and doing considerable damage to the Esplanade.  Such a storm had never been remembered at this season of the year by the oldest inhabitant,  the sea on Sunday presenting a majestic sight as the waves beat against the houses facing the beach, drenching all who endeavoured to witness or weather the storm.   The Committee, however, decided to proceed with the sports,  although the gale still continued yesterday morning,  so much so that no boats could come from any other place and all the competition was confined to Sidmouth."

From:  The Western Times,  Friday, September 7th,  1883.

Tough lot,  these Sidmothians!

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