Sunday, 6 April 2014


Woodhead Farm in a Branscombe Mist.

"On Sunday morning last, from information they had received, a party of our active coast guardsmen, consisting of chief boatman Teed, and Messrs. Charlesworth, Fox, Mitchell, Sneedy, Dunn, Wilson and Dingle, proceeded to a barn, in the occupation of farmer Bray at Woodash in the parish of Branscombe, in which they discovered 35 tubs, and eight flagons of smuggled brandy, concealed under some straw.  The waggon in which it had been brought was standing outside, and in a very short time they had the whole loaded and brought to the coastguard station at Sidmouth, from whence it was taken, on Tuesday last, to Exeter.   Bray was taken into custody but is out on bail,  himself in £100 and a substantial security for £50. The case will be heard on Tuesday next, the 3rd instant."

Woolmer's Exeter and Plymouth Gazette,  Saturday, February 28th 1857.

Subsequent reports give 'Woodhead Farm'  not 'Woodash' which, GR 204901, would appear to be the farm where the goods were seized.