Friday, 6 January 2012


From 'The Evening Post with which is incorporated Trewman's Exeter Flying Post', 18th August 1888.


"The Exmouth Regatta, which is an annual event looked forward to by the inhabitants with great interest,  and by whom the day is kept as a general holiday, took place on Thursday.   The weather was beautifully fine, and in every way suited to both rowing and sailing matches.  The various events were watched with great interest from the sea wall, which was lined with spectators.  Besides the racing there were various amusements provided on the beach in the way of shooting galleries, swinging boats &c. and which during the afternoon were kept busy at work.  The number of entries for the different events were, if anything,  above those of former years and the Regatta was in every way a success.  

"The programme numbered thirteen events and in addition there were several swimming matches and other amusements such as walking the greasy pole &c. and athletic sports on land.  The starting point was from the Committee boat stationed about three hundred yards from the shore,  and the course for the large boats was from Bull Hill buoy to Fairway buoy a distance of about three miles while for the smaller boats the course was from Bull Hill to Double Ledge buoy, a distance of about two miles."

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