Thursday, 29 April 2010


A reader with a famous name, Mr. R. L. Stevenson, of 8 Morton Crescent, Exmouth addressed the letter below to the Editor of The Exmouth Journal. It was published 27th March 1965.


As far as I can see, the only way to become a successful Deep Sea Fisherman is to be blindfolded, gagged and have my hands tied behind my back (quite a handicap when fishing) because the advice I have received to date from the professionals is as follows: -

When setting out I must NOT –

Use a green painted boat.
Go on a Friday the 13th.
See a Minister of Religion or a cross-eyed woman.
Wish another fisherman ‘good luck’.

Also when in the boat I must NOT –

Mention a coney by its proper name (this is fatal).
Comb my hair.
Stick point of knife in boat timbers.
Use an umbrella.

Perhaps some of your nautical readers could tell me a few more things I MUST NOT DO in order to catch fish as I am most anxious to learn.

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